Night Lights...Holiday

Here are just a couple of the lights that we photographed on the
"Holiday Lights"
photo session.
The Gingerbread House

The Holiday Colors!
Crescent Moon & Lights

Dashing thru the SNOW??????


Fountains in the Gardens

Second visit to the Fountains in the Gardens. I was looking for the main fountain to
it didn't happen so I'll just have to go back!!!!


Holiday Lights Photo Shoot!!

Holiday Light Displays
We will be going around Vero Beach on
Monday, December 29th, 2008
to photograph this light display near the studio and venture into the night from there!!
Join us at:


Squid Lips...Sebastian, FL

I photographed Squid Lips while I was photographing the moonrise.

Fountains at Night

I have "Refound" a great development "OF FOUNTAINS" now we gotta get past the guard?
I photographed these as I was leaving the Holiday Party that I was photographing last night. I just couldn't resist!!!!
Part of the development is not under guard and it is on a public pass throught street.
I will shoot with three other photographers, (twice) here during the Holiday Break!