Cracker Boy Boat Works

Cracker Boy Boat Works is a working boat yard in Fort Pierce that has everything from newly restored boats to boats that were in complete disrepair due to damage during the past hurricanes. This offered us a huge variety of color and texture to photograph. It allowed everyone to get creative and focus on details or the big picture.

© Robin DeLuca
"It was my first photo "Adventure Walk" with this group (and actually, this is the only "Group" I've joined in my lifetime. I had one of the best times I've had in a long time." -Robin DeLuca

© Nancy True
"It was nice to re-visit a place a second time. The weather was pleasant and it was nice to see so many on a summer shoot." -Nancy True

© Roger T. Sobkowiak
"Good to go back to same location...every now and see if one can find new shots/angles/subjects. Plenty of things to shoot...and plenty of room to work around the subjects. We got there early...before the sun heated things shooting from 8-10 worked. Always fun to see what everyone came up with." Roger T. Sobkowiak

© Janice Reynolds
"I love all the textures and colors! There was a lot of inspiration around the boat yard!" -Janice Reynolds

© Carolyn Shafer
"The boat yard was filled with boats in various stages of repair or disrepair, many opportunities for photos." -Carolyn Shafer

© J. Scott Kelly