FLORIDA FLYWHEELERS-20th Annual Antique Engine & Tractor Show

The Florida Fly Wheelers Antique Engine Club is a non-profit organization, founded in 1972, to promote interest in restoring, preserving and exhibiting antique internal combustion engines, steam engines, antique tractors and autos and other labor saving devices from the by-gone years. Fly Wheeler Park has now grown to almost 240 acres and includes a tractor pull track, club and member buildings which house displays, collections and many large engines, and a membership which is over 1,500.

© Roger T. Sobkowiak
"Good atmosphere, lots of people to enjoy and four wheelers to dodge, hot, dusty...plenty to shoot...but had to work with the clutter to find the photo opportunities, village seemed to offer the best photo moments. Fun to talk with the exhibitors and owners." -Roger T. Sobkowiak

© Anne Malsbary
"This is one photography meetup that my husband will go with me. I loved it!!" -Anne Malsbary

© Janice Reynolds
"So much to shoot! I love all the old rusty tractors. Alot of fun and worth the trip." -Janice Reynolds

© J. Scott Kelly
"Great experience to shoot all the little vignettes in the villages! Quite an eclectic group of items and people. I could go back may times to shoot and not find something else to shoot." -J. Scott Kelly