Adventure Photography Members Win in State Competition

Congratulations to all our members who entered the
FCCC 2011 2nd Tri-Annual DIGITAL DIVISION Competition
and a special shout out goes to 
Dawn Currie, J. Scott Kelly, Nancy True and Roger Sobkowaik
for their award ribbons.

Our group members took home 6 ribbons; at least one in every category!! Way to go AGAIN!!

The contest was judged on or around June 12th - 14th 2011

Eric Hansen, president of the Florida Camera Club Council was thrilled at the number of entries for this competition.
"We had the most participation of any competition ever!! Twenty four clubs and 671 entries....."

FCCC 2nd Tri-Annual DIGITAL DIVISION Results

Blue Ribbon Winner

"Peering Through Feathers" © Dawn Currie

Yellow Ribbon Winners

"Heavy Metal" © J. Scott Kelly

"Hillbilly Cadillac" © Nancy True

"Planet Jupiter" © J. Scott Kelly

Blue Ribbon Winners

"Folk Dancers" © Roger Sobkowiak

Yellow Ribbon Winners

"Tatiana Lost" © Roger Sobkowiak

Once Again Congratulations to ALL WHO ENTERED!!


NIGHT LIGHTS- St. Helen Harvest

This was a fun event for us to capture the lights on the rides! All the GREAT Fair photos!! St. Helen's Harvest is always a great venue with small crowds and fun atmosphere!

We had a chance to practice using our shutter speeds for those fantastic blurred motion and stop action photographs!!

© 2010 Brandy Fodor

"Fun times to experiment with the lights!"  - Brandy Fodor

CLIFF HANGER © 2010 Bruce Weissman

"Another fun year of trying to capture the twirling lights and carnival action. Had a great time. Weather was perfect. Worth the drive."   - Bruce Weissman

© 2010 Eileen Taylor
I" just wanted to thank Scott for the one on one time he spent with me showing me how to make better use of my camera. Before he came along I was ready to give up because i did not know how to get the effects I wanted.... Thanks I had a great time... even with the cold lol and I'm very happy with my results!!!!!"
- Eileen Taylor

DANCING LIGHTS © 2010 Roger T. Sobkowiak
"Same rides so you could try to improve on your shots from previous year. Not too crowded so taking photos was relatively easy. Big spot lights give the most to avoid them in your pictures."
- Roger T. Sobkowiak

"I still have so much to learn, but totally enjoyed the experience and want to thank those that took the time to help me with my settings.. Especially Scott.. you have lottsa patience..." - Virginia Lavish