Las Vegas Baby!!! Dec. 6-10, 2009

Three Amigos from the "Adventure Photography and Photo Walks" from Vero Beach, Florida took off for 5 days and 4 nights to "Photograph the Lights" and the "Valley of Fire" in Las Vegas, Nevada

“This was the best trip ever !!!!! We had a wonderful time and realized that we have to go back more than once because there is almost a endless supply of photo opportunities. I have never taken so many pictures. This should be an annual event and I can't wait to go back. Thank you Scott and Bruce for being such great adventurers, good sports and and inspiring photographers to travel with.” - Nancy True

“This was by far the best event I have participated in yet. We had a great time each and every day. We could have stayed there another week and still not have photographrd everything we wanted to. The neon lights and the natural wonders outside of Las Vegas provided an endless supply of photographic opportunities. I look forward to going back next year. Thanks to Scott and Nancy for being great travel partners. My suggestion for others next time "Don't miss it!"
- Bruce Weissman

“This photographic trip was fantastic!! I had a blast and there was no end of places to photograph. Bruce and Nancy were great to travel with and we had allot of laughs!! I will look into making this an annual event for I have to go back and photograph some of the places that we didn't have time to get to. I believe by having others to photograph with we inspired each other to do more than we would have by ourselves. Also, I would have been lost with out the PMS Nagavator ;-D ” - J. Scott Kelly

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