Florida Flywheelers 21st Annual Antique Engine and Tractor Show

It is always fun to step back in time and visit the Florida Flywheelers Engine and Tractor Show. The Florida Fly Wheelers Antique Engine Club is a non-profit organization founded in 1972 to promote interest in restoring, preserving and exhibiting antique internal combustion engines, steam engines, antique tractors and autos and other labor saving devices from the by-gone years. Fly Wheeler Park includes a tractor pull track, club and member buildings which house displays, collections and many large engines. The Florida Fly Wheelers are able to educate its members and the general public of the historical, technical, and social contributions and impact of these items of the past. The main goal is to preserve a part of our heritage for all generations and historians to enjoy. The Old Time Village features Cabins, Barns, Church, Print Shop, Sawmill, Garages, Blacksmith, Schoolhouse, Hardware Store, Woodworking Shop, Stables, Slaughterhouse, Jail, Firehouse, Gas Stations, Grape Harvester Building, Saloon, Tractor Dealerships & more!
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