Adventure Photography Group Members Win in State Competition

Adventure Photography Group Members Win in State Competition
Congratulations to our members who competed in the state !


The statewide Florida Camera Club Council recently held its Tri-Annual FCCC Digital Photo Competition, which is open to photographers who are members of affiliated photography clubs and groups throughout Florida.

Members of Adventure Photography and Photo Walks, a Vero Beach based photography group, had their first opportunity to participate in this competition since becoming an FCCC affiliate a few months ago and are off to a great start. Five out of the six members who participated won ribbons for their outstanding images.

Susan Pantuso won top honors in both the Beginner Amateur Color Division with “Awakening” and in the Beginner Amateur Mono (B&W) Division with “Mystique,” each receiving a blue ribbon. Winning yellow ribbons in the Beginner Amateur Color Division were Bruce Weissman with “Mystery Visitor” and Janice Reynolds with “Contemplation.” Dawn Currie received a yellow ribbon for “Mighty Helo” in the Beginner Amateur Mono (B&W) Division. In the Professional/Advanced Amateur Color Category, Nancy True won yellow ribbons for two of her images “Valley of Fire” and “Forever Florida.”

The Adventure Photography and Photo Walk group’s organizer, professional photographer J. Scott Kelly, said “We have so much fun getting together to create these images. I am thrilled that our members’ received the recognition they deserve for their exceptional work.”

If you are a photography enthusiast yourself and would like to learn more about the Adventure Photography & Photo Walk group, go to www.meetup.com/adventure-photography-photowalks or call J. Scott Kelly at (772)643-6994.

Professional or Advanced Color

VALLEY OF FIRE by Nancy True – Yellow Ribbon

FOREVER FLORIDA by Nancy True - Yellow Ribbon

Professional or Advanced Mono
No Ribbons

Beginner Color

AWAKENING by Susan Pantuso – Blue Ribbon

MYSTERY VISITOR by Bruce Weissman – Yellow Ribbon

CONTEMPLATION by Janice Reynolds – Yellow Ribbon

Beginner Mono

MYSTIQUE by Susan Pantuso – Blue Ribbon

MIGHTY HELO by Dawn Currie – Yellow Ribbon

NIGHT LIGHTS "April Light Painting" - April 12, 2010

© 2010 J. Scott Kelly
 Fun with fireworks. What more can I say? ”  - Janice Reynolds
 © 2010 J. Scott Kelly
 A great creative opportunity ... ” -  Boyd Fellows
  © 2010 J. Scott Kelly
 Good way to learn and experiment. ” - Roger T. Sobkowiak


Discovery STS-131 - April 5th, 2010

©2010 Nancy True

 © 2010 J. Scott Kelly 

© 2010 Nancy True
"Truly an Awesome and Spectacular sight!"

NIGHT LIGHTS " MARCH Light Painting" Mar. 24, 2010

©2010 J. Scott Kelly

 Lot's of fun shooting! Many ideas and experimenting! Looking forward to the results!
Let's keep up on trying various settings and light sources.  
J. Scott Kelly

 Great sharing creative light and camera ideas. 
         Roger T. Sobkowiak

©2010 Sandra Moruzzi

 It was really good fun....this was my first time doing this night painting & I loved it. Started off abit rough but got in to it by the end of the night. I think I have to do some homework before the next one as I didn't come prepared with tools or ideas...so please can we have another????!!!!! :-) Thanks Janice for the sparklers & Nancy for the help!!! 

Helen Charlton 

©2010 Helen Charlton
 ©2010 Ron Nelson

 Fun time! Good pictures! Learned some new techniques! Met new friends!! 
Ron Nelson
 Very fun with everyone experimenting with their lights...... 
Carolyn Schafer 
 It was fun sharing my little experience of light painting with friends who haven't tried it before and seeing what they come up with. 
Janice Reynolds