Coral Cove at Sunrise

The Tide was low when the sun came up so there was a good amount of rock exposed. A beautiful day was presented for us and there were lots of chances to get the many colors from the palette of the sky! Well worth the drive and early rise. I keep thinking about what I miss sleeping through the sunrise.

© J. Scott Kelly

© Nancy True
"Even though the hour was unbearable the sunrise was worth the effort I really like this location but rarely get to shoot it. It was wonderful to see so many participants at this meet up." -Nancy True

© Virginia Lavish
"Though not a morning person.. I totally enjoyed the experience of capturing a sunrise on the ocean and reflecting on the rocks." -Virginia Lavish

© Chantal
 "The sunrise at Coral Cove is absolutely beautiful! What a fantastic and inspirational start to the new year! Looking forward to many new photography adventures with such a great group." -Chantal

©  Dawn Currie
"Great location - worth the drive." -Dawn Currie

"The sunrise and the beach were perfect, a wonderful place to see the beginning of a brand new day." -Carolyn Shafer