Busy Bee Lawn and Garden Center

Macro Shooting! Flowers and possibly small critters? It was the perfect place to get something good for the monthly photo challenge FLOWERS/FLORA. The owners were nice enough to let the group in early so it was a great opportunity to shoot the colorful flowers with the morning dew. In addition to flowers, the facility sells colorful pottery and other garden supplies. It was a great opportunity to be creative! 

© Janice Reynolds
"Friendly staff, lots to shoot, loved that we were there early enough while the sprinklers were watering the plants. Was told we should come back in fall to see the plants that flower during that time." -Janice Reynolds 

© Eileen Taylor
"I'm a plant nut, loved it!" -Eileen Taylor 

© Roger Sobkowiak
"Plenty to shoot...flowers, bees, pottery and grasses. Good time of the day." -Roger Sobkowiak 

© Carolyn Shafer
"The weather turned out perfectly, the Garden Center was filled with hundreds of different and unusual plants, many interesting and beautiful blossoms, colors, and arrangements to photograph." -Carolyn Shafer

© Linda Kupstas
"We had a great time with all the beautiful flowers to photograph and the other items there at the garden center. I found some flowers there that I had never heard of and learned a great deal. Wonderful trip." -Linda Kupstas 

© J. Scott Kelly
reat showing of our members! It was a great place to photograph the flowers. The owners were very nice and I think they also appreciated the purchases that we made although they said it wasn't necessary. Breakfast was nice as well I was pleasantly surprised that so many of us went to breakfast after." -J. Scott Kelly