Heathcote Botanical Gardens

Heathcote Botanical Gardens consists of an assortment of specialty gardens including a Japanese Garden, Reflection Garden, Herb Garden, Rainforest Display, Native Plants Garden and a Palm & Cycad Walk. These areas convey an atmosphere of individual garden rooms. Through this type of garden design, you will sense the intimacy of this unique botanical garden. Gracing the areas in between these specialty gardens are borders of flowering shrubs, bulbs, trees, vines and other assorted herbaceous plants. Niches found throughout the garden provide varied microclimates, which allows the use of a wide variety of plants ranging from those found in Mediterranean climates to the Tropics.

© Nancy True
"A moderate size garden. Amazing Bonsai collection. Lots of variety to shoot. I spent most of my time on a unique water feature." -Nancy True

© Janice Reynolds
"It was a large area good to spread out and look around." -Janice Reynolds

© Anne Malsbary
"The new Japanese gardens was BEAUTIFUL! I wish we could have gotten in earlier in the day." -Anne Malsbary

© Dawn Curie
"Challenging (and I love a challenge). Limited floral displays and lots of greenery." -Dawn Currie