Bird Photography in Viera Wetlands

The group enjoyed a guided tour with Ron R Bielefeld. There are few places that have a higher number of species readily accessible to the camera than Viera Wetlands. This is a great place for both the beginner and expert nature photographer to get excellent images of many species of birds, mammals, and reptiles. An early start is needed in order to catch the best light.

© Dawn Currie
"Ron is a wealth of information. As always I learned a lot and will be putting it into practice in the coming weeks." -Dawn Currie

© Katherine Babbitt
"It was wonderful! I can't wait to go again." -Katherine Babbitt

© Roger T. Sobkowiak
"Cold, cold and colder.....but a great place to take lots of bird photos. Easy to drive around the four ponds to find the right shooting angle. One just have to be patient and let the birds do their thing....and fire away." -Roger T. Sobkowiak

© Linda Leonard

© Boyd Fellows