Vero Beach Aviation Day

Aviation Day was an opportunity for the public to come out to the Vero Beach Municipal Airport for a little "Airplane Time". History Flight brought a B-25 and a T-6 and gave rides in both.  A civilian owned L-39 jet trainer with a Blue Angels paint scheme lead the list of over 50 aircraft on static display, including new production aircraft like the new Piper Jet and Piper Light Sport LSA, antique and classic aircraft, military and war bird aircraft, home-built and light sport aircraft.
© Janice Reynolds
"Glad there were different planes to photograph this year." -Janice Reynolds

© Boyd Fellows
"Always a good photo op." -Boyd Fellows

In addition to checking out the display aircraft, visitors tried their hand at two flight simulators, (provided by EAA Chapter 99) that was set up with the latest version of MS Flight Simulator X with add-ons and accessories such as yoke pedals and a switch panel similar to a real plane. The simulator also provided the viewer with photographic scenery of Vero Beach including ground terrain.

© Louise Jones-Takata
"I thought last year's A Day was more interesting but in any event I would do it again." -Louise Jones-Takata

© Barbara Oliver
"Beautiful day....great opportunity for photos!" -Barbara Oliver

© Roger T. Sobkowiak
"Beautiful day...bright sun...important to get there early before it gets too crowded...plenty of planes to photographic from regular and artistic angle...many veterans to admire and thank...historic bomber giving demo rides was the center piece." -Roger T. Sobkowiak

© J. Scott Kelly