4th of July Fireworks

We photographed the July 4th fireworks display from the Barber Bridge. We had a great vantage point on top of the bridge looking south towards Memorial Island. The boats and reflections of fireworks in the Indian River provided a nice foreground.

© Peter H. Connelly
"The venue was great...The breeze was perfect...Old friends, new friends...It was a great night." -Peter H. Connelly 

© Robin DeLuca
"I give 5 stars to Scott and Comrads for your wonderful company and helpfulness. As a new member, you were very welcoming to me and my friend and it was a pleasure spending time and getting to know more about you all. As far as my photo-taking experience, I give myself 1.5 stars only because of a dysfunctional tripod and lack of proper equipment and my beginner status, which, of course will both improve with time. I did get a few nice shots and overall, it was a memorable evening and I'm very pleased to have joined the group. Many thanks to Scott and the rest of you!" -Robin DeLuca

© Nancy True

© Bruce Weissman

© J. Scott Kelly
"I thought that the fireworks were "Pretty Good" I actually think that last year in December the Pointe West show was a bit better with 3 stations. No complaints, the fireworks were good! I'm glad to see that the new members had fun too!!!! Improvements come with TIME and PRACTICE, we'll get you there. The wind kept us cool, but was blowing the tripod a bit." -J. Scott Kelly