OLD FLORIDA- Vero Electric Plant

New Series Introduced!

I'm introducing a NEW SERIES of photography to our group to give us a little something different to work on as another collective body of work that will be titled "OLD FLORIDA"
I believe our state is rich in history and also decaying history! Some of our history has been lost, some will be lost, and some is being preserved. I believe we would have no end in site for this collection. I also believe this could be a collection of work that would interest a large group of people, so lets get started!
Our first subject "OLD VERO POWER PLANT" we have been granted access to photograph inside the old power plant and the ONLY huge diesel engine that remains in the building. We will photograph from just before dusk to just after dusk so that there will be various lighting situations.
"I really enjoyed this shoot. I love the theme, Old Florida. Gives us an opportunity to preserve (history digitally), explore and be creative. I look forward to more of this type of 'theme' photo outings. And as always, I enjoy getting together afterwards and visiting with everyone while grabbing a bite to eat." Sharon C
Join us for Fun and Exciting Photographic Adventures!!