Adventure Photography & Photo Walk Group Hosts FCCC Statewide Photography Print Competition

The Adventure Photography & Photo Walk group was honored to have been selected by the Florida Camera Club Council to judge the Second Tri-Annual Statewide Photographic Print Competition held on June 24th. Nine affiliated camera clubs from around the state submitted a total of 127 color and monochrome photographic prints for judging.

 "3 Palms" © Carol Mac Dougall

As organizer of the Adventure Photography & Photo Walk group Scott hand-picked two highly respected colleagues to join him in judging the competition.  Chosen to assist Scott with the judging were:  Dick Robertson of Vero Beach, a retired professional photographer with 40 years of professional and judging experience, and Ron Rosenzweig, a 20 year veteran professional photographer from Stuart.

 "Bees at Westmore Park " © Laura Bryg

The evening of judging went well with each print being viewed separately in a specially designed light box and the voting being done through sophisticated scoring machines provided by the FCCC.  A special thank you to our volunteers - Janice Reynolds, Nancy True, Kaila Kelly and Karen Kelly, who worked hard to keep things organized and running smoothly.

 "Lone Chair" © Georgia Robinson

 "Potters Hands" © Bob Cameron

 "Selby Mansion Potscape" © Bob Cameron

"Taking a Big Step" © Nancy Lester

The top image in the monochrome (black & white) division, receiving 27 points out of a possible 27, was “Winding Road” by Don Tupis of the Spring Hill Camera Club located in Spring Hill, Florida. The next top winners in the monochrome division were: “Potters Hands” by Bob Cameron of the Sarasota Camera Club;  “Lone Chair” by Georgia Robinson of the Chasco Camera Club in New Port Richey; and “Tropical Trees” by Carol MacDougall of the Photo Adventures Camera Club in North Port, Florida.  In the color division, there were three images who tied for first place.  These winning images were “Celby Mansion Potscape” by Bob Cameron, “Bees at Westmore Park” by Laura Bryg, both from the Sarasota Camera Club, and “Taking a Big Step” by Nancy Lester of the Spring Hill Camera Club.   Based on the points, the top 10% will receive blue ribbon awards and the next 15% will receive yellow ribbon honors.