Freedom on the Fourth!

Despite the inclement weather members of Adventures Photography and Photo Walks gathered at A.W. Young park in Vero Beach to capture the beautiful fireworks display!  Members gathered early to get good placement for the show, but the clouds started moving in early as well.  Just before the fireworks display was to start the rain came down lightly, but it wasn't hard enough to dampen our enthusiasm or fun!

 © 2010 J. Scott Kelly

“We anticipated the rain and when it arrived it wasn't enough to dampen out spirits or our fun!! We still were able to shoot some fantastic fireworks.”
J. Scott Kelly/Organizer
  © 2010 Bruce Weissman

  © 2010 Nancy True

“The night did not look too hopeful but we stuck it out and it was worth it! Great to see some new faces and of course the regulars. Happy 4th of July!” 
Nancy True
 © 2010 Roger T. Sobkowiak

“Good location...liked hearing and seeing the crowd reaction, especially the children.”
Roger T. Sobkowiak