Old Florida-Peterson's Groves & Nursery

There are alot of antique things to photograph there. In addition Fred Peterson would be glad to tell you about growing up there!! Groves circa 1913 or 1923. He was born there in 1939 and his brother in 1936!!

© Nancy True
"There are a lot of old things to shoot at this location as well as a variety of farm animals. The owners were very kind to let us have free range to shoot to our hearts content." -Nancy True

© Dawn Currie
"Always enjoy outings with this group." -Dawn Currie

© Roger T. Sobkowiak
 "Good day for shooting...always a new perspective...easy to work around the entire area." -Roger T. Sobkowiak

© Janice Reynolds
"Great variety of things to shoot and HDR. I love the Old Florida adventures!" -Janice Reynolds

© Carolyn Shafer
"There must have been a million things to take pictures of. Lots of antiques, old buildings, animals, and plants. The weather was a little warm, but no problem." -Carolyn Shafer 

© J. Scott Kelly
"A lot to shoot and some areas that were HDR heaven!" -J. Scott Kelly