Fountain Shoot in Jupiter - Mar. 10, 2010

© J. Scott Kelly

© J. Scott Kelly

“It was a great location and plenty to photograph and a lot to learn in my case about night photography. I also very much appreciated the tips I got from Scott and Larry.
-Michael Wilson

“It is firstly a beautiful spot especially at twilight. Secondly, for our purposes it does give us the opportunity to shoot multi fountains at one venue. ”
-Louise Jones-Takata

 © Janice Reynolds

“Beautiful location with multiple fountains to shoot! Perfect for my A.D.D. (lol)! ”
-Janice Reynolds

© Bruce Weissman

“This was a really nice spot. Plenty of fountains to shoot from all sides and plenty of room to spread out. Great place to see the effects of shutter speed on moving water ”
-Bruce Weissman