NIGHT LIGHTS- Light Painting and Campfire - February 4, 2010

© Gail Cohen

“It was a great place with lots to take pictures of...It was fun experimenting with light painting and I look forward to everyone's results... ”
-Gail Cohen

© Linda Leonard

“ techniques...and FUN! (except for the electric fence!) It was a beautiful night ...and good value with the dinner included. After making the trek out to such a beautiful area...I would have liked to spend more time shooting in the early evening spectacular light ....before going on to the light painting. Not sure how dinner would work in there. As for me....I'd rather make photos than eat!”
-Linda Leonard

© J. Scott Kelly

“Evening was Very Pleasant. Dinner was good for a campground! I think for the first adventure in light painting that we all cut our teeth on fire, sparklers...Thank you Janice, and colored lights. I look forward to seeing everyone’s images and more light painting!!”
-J. Scott Kelly

© Carolyn Shafer

“The weather was a little cold, but the great bonfire helped. The sky was crystal clear and we all were able to get some excellent shots while painting lights.”
-Carolyn Shafer

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