Seaside Balloon Fest 2010 New Smyrna Beach - January 8, 2010

© J. Scott Kelly

“The weather wasn't what we were looking for, but I did see SNOW!!! Shows that when our group is handed LEMONS, we know how to make LEMONADE!!!”
-J. Scott Kelly

© Janice Reynolds

“I'm glad we got to watch one balloon inflate before the weather took over. It was great that we could get so close to the all the action.”
-Janice Reynolds

© Dottie Nelson

“Too bad the weather didn't cooperate, but it was an experience. At least we saw what goes on when they set up for the balloons, etc. - Got a few photos, experimented with new camera and got to take some photos of the Lighthouse. Enjoyed La Quinta Hotel. Loved the fact that pets are welcome. Kane was accepted very well and adjusted pretty well. He loved Mickey and Boyd's dog. Boy I can't believe the cold!!!!!!! Also loved the barbeque Friday night and fast service and great conversation with Scott and the group.”
-Dottie Nelson

© Carolyn Shafer

“Friday night was good, good and cold, but the balloons were able to at least tether for a few minutes which allowed us to get some good images of the cold and the hot fill.”
-Carolyn Shafer