Downtown Ft. Pierce Green Market

"OLD FLORIDA" I believe our state is rich in history and also decaying history! Some of our history has been lost, some will be lost, and some is being preserved. "Downtown Ft Pierce Photo Walk" is in Ft. Pierce, FL. We photographed the historic aspects of the city and Marina as the sun was rising around the downtown area. The farmers market also provided many colorful photographic opportunities.

© Nancy True
"The Green Market and the surrounding area has a lot to offer any photographer. This group inspires each other to see new ways to shoot and the many subjects available in such a concentrated space. It was a fun outing and I can't wait till the next Adventure." -Nancy True

© Bruce Weissman
"Lots to shoot. Had a nice time. Great group" -Bruce Weissman 

© Carolyn Shafer
"Everything was perfect, we had a great sunrise, a slight breeze off the water, lots of venders with things for sale and everything under the sun to photograph." -Carolyn Shafer