Industrial Twilight- Cement Plant

This was the first industrial twilight shoot of the cement plant just west of Old Dixie behind the Walgreens store on U.S. #1 and 53rd Street. We were challenged to find something different and interesting to shoot. There were interesting shapes and movement to shoot early on. Once twilight began, the lights illuminated from the plant which made for more interesting shots.

© Carolyn Shafer
"This was an interesting experiment with industrial subjects, the trains, piles of concrete ingredients, and all the machinery plus a beautiful sunset made for a challenging shoot, to bring beauty out of the fray." -Carolyn Shafer 
© Eileen taylor
"As always no matter where we go I always learn something new..... Thanks guys for sharing your knowledge with me!" -Eileen Taylor

© Nancy True
"This was the first time I've spent any time shooting an industrial setting and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. Great idea Scott." -Nancy True 

© J. Scott Kelly
"I was nice to be shooting in the evenings again. The challenge was to look at the mundane with an artistic eye. It wasn't to easy, but it is always good to CHALLENGE yourself! I have seen some great images so far looking forward to seeing more." -J. Scott Kelly