We went to Ft. Pierce again, but this time at NIGHT to shoot the "Seway Bridge-Ft. Pierce SOUTH Bridge". For those who have already shot the bridge, it was a nice challenge to open our eyes and try to find a new perspective on things. There was plenty of space for our group to spread out and investigate the area to find new and interesting things to shoot.

© Janice Reynolds
"I miss the night shoots! It was fun as always;)" -Janice Reynolds

© Nancy True
"A very hot night but lots to shoot. A great turn out and it was nice to see some of you we haven't seen in a while and some new enthusiasts. Had a great time." -Nancy True

© Eileen Taylor
"The shoot was great till the mosquito had me for dessert lol" -Eileen Taylor

© J. Scott Kelly

"Even though I have shot this location already, I find it a great challenge to try and improve on something that was shot before or to find other images to make in the same venue "Different". Those who my of found it bland and had to WORK to find something to shoot, I find that it is just the idea, and to challenge yourself to look at the same thing with a NEW PAIR OF EYES! ;-()" -J. Scott Kelly