Old Florida and Night Lights

I believe our state is rich in history and also decaying history! Some of our history has been lost, some will be lost, and some is being preserved. I believe we would have no end in site for a collection of Old Florida and Nightlight Photos. We have photographed this area a couple of times in the morning, but this time we saw what Ocean Drive looks like at night! We have many illuminated subjects "The Driftwood Resort, Coste de Este, Ocean Grill or the many shops along the DRIVE" We started when there was plenty of light to get some photos and scope the area then we moved into the twilight. 

© Nancy True
"It's always fun to walk the downtown area of Vero Beach there is alot to shoot in this area and there are plenty of places to stop and refresh yourself ( we had an ice cream break). Plenty of photographers and plenty of fun." -Nancy True

© Janice Reynolds
"So much to shoot, so little twilight;)" -Janice Reynolds

© Eileen Taylor
"Was a lot of fun, the area is beautiful" -Eileen Taylor 

© J. Scott Kelly
"Great opportunities if you kept your eyes open. Plenty to shoot with out bothering anyone. So there was no need to invade anyone's space. Looking forward to seeing some outstanding images." -J. Scott Kelly